Father Earthly and I love our food, and it looks like both baby Earthlies are already following suit! Before we had kids, cooking was perhaps our favourite joint hobby. And whilst nowadays it tends to be a matter of grabbing something quick and simple, we still love to come up with ideas and experiment whenever we get a chance.

I'm currently working on a recipe book with the working title The Gourmet Veggie (actually I've got a better title lined up but I'll save that info for later ;)). The idea behind it is to share my take on veggie food: food that is not just healthy or designed for a particular type of diet, but is also sexy, glamorous, divine - it both looks and tastes good, and though a particular recipe may happen to be suitable for vegans/raw foodies etc, it is also equally palatable (dare I say enjoyable?!) to those on a standard diet (whether veggie or not).

I'll be trialling recipes here (see the recipe feed on the right) so please do try them out and leave your feedback :)

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