Sunday, 18 September 2011

Note to my Younger Self

After 3 years of pregnancy and childcare - and living rough - I feel old. I look old. I have wrinkles and watery eyes and the other day I found a grey hair.

In reality I know I'm just tired, not old. I'm 31 for goodness' sake. But suddenly I am realising that I am ageing... and with that comes change, of skin and hair and body shape (darned pregnancies!) and energy and a strong desire to go to bed early rather than stay out partying (not that we can with two small kids!).

And so, to my younger self, I say this:

  • Do not be afraid
  • Love your body; be confident with it
  • Don't dwell on imperfections and don't get too attached to your good bits either!
  • Don't scratch or pluck - they are forms of self-harm
  • Drink lots of good quality water often and eat healthily
  • Bingeing on anything will just make you feel rubbish long term, so don't
  • Never be too harsh with yourself; life is supposed to be fun!
  • Allow the dark thoughts to enter but don't entertain them
  • Enjoy your friends - they allow you to be you
  • Be free with your love, as long as it feels good for you
  • Respect your elders but never let yourself be in awe of them; they may be older but wisdom has little correlation with age
  • Trust your instincts. Always
  • Don't be bossed around. You know what you want and need; go for it
  • Accept life's pitfalls and move on. There will be many
  • Never wish the years away. Enjoy what you have now
  • Travel - lots. Try as many new things as you want. Experience life
  • You are fabulous. Know it.


  1. Oh goodness I remember having a jolt like that at 31, with two tinies, tired and feeling my age! I'm 38 now and have had four... now I really am old, but so much more satisfied and in my skin now than at 25!
    Such lovely words of encouragement, yes, aren't we our harshest critics, thankyou for a good start to Monday!

  2. Great minds! I was just thinking the same! didn't realise we were the same age - always thought you were much more grown up - note I didn't say older. Goodness first grey hair! I had that when I was 12. Seriously! I'm at the stage where I'm wondering if I will be totally white by 40!

  3. How lovely! After 4 babies, I too am looking and feeling less polished and have less time for grooming and preening than before. But our bodies are on a journey just like us, so we must love them every step of that path and thank our bodies for helping us carry out what our souls cannot achieve on their own! Having a body that is in full working order is a blessing! X


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