Thursday, 28 June 2012

Stay, Work & Play at Home Family

These last few weeks have been immense for us Earthlies. In the midst of it, it has been total chaos and an emotional, physical and soul-wrenching rollercoaster of a ride across stormy seas and through balmy, lotus-filled waters alike.

My office today :)
Sometimes I have wondered why I am here, sometimes I have thought of giving up everything. Everything.

And then, in a moment of rare clarity, it came to me. I am so blessed.

Here I am, spending each and every day striving to follow my dreams - to follow our dreams - and to ensure our lives are fulfilled, happy, free...

Spending every day in the company of the wonderful Father Earthly - who is no longer tied to a desk job - and my gorgeous kids, in the comfort of my own home, in a beautiful retreat near the sea. Spending every day working towards my life's purpose (or not as is sometimes the case!). Knowing that if I need to, I can often take a break to go and chat with friends and neighbours, play with my tinies, cuddle Father Earthly or even if time and transport permit, nip to the beach for an ice cream and a paddle.

I have to pinch myself when I remember all those things. How incredibly awesome is my life?!

And yet in the moment and in the midst of the chaos of running around making meals, changing nappies or taking to the loo (and letting the decrepit Dog Earthly out too), finding painting materials and keeping up with the demand (more paper, more paint, more patience...), trying to wee in peace and find time to get my own food (without it being stolen), breaking up arguments over toys and pacifying over tiredness at nap time... Sometimes - and no wonder - I do feel utterly lost. On the days the kids are at nursery I often find myself just zoning out completely, as if my brain is in awe of this unaccustomed reprieve on the usual demand for its resources. That precious time when I could be doing so much, just being wasted as my brain attempts to catch up on some non-conscious time!

There are so many things which would help me bridge the gap - my own workspace, my own computer, regular dates with colleagues and mentors...

But all that will come, I know.

Remember this: wherever you are in life, whatever the obstacles, there is a part of your life that glows. Learn to notice, appreciate and nurture it.

Be here, now.


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