Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Red Head, Green Goddess

The sun is out and with summer just round the corner it was obviously THE day to finally re-henna my hair! It's been a good, ooh, 2 or 3 months now I think. It's all been a blur with little or no me-time to be seen. But today I am at Granny's with Miss Molly fast asleep after a restless night so I took the chance and hopped into the kitchen quick-smart to get that henna brewing up

I went ONLY for the rouge today... normally I put a bit of marron in too. And I forgot that the rouge stains rather badly so parts of my hands and my hairline currently look a bit jaundiced, but hell it will wear off soon. 

To top off this spurt of productivity (I know it doesn't seem much but truly it is!) I've started making myself a corset! WOOP WOO! On Sunday night I got out my Little Corset Book and manually scaled up the tiny patterns in there to roughly my size (incidentally whilst Father Earthly spent hours making room for our new stove which is arriving today!).

Being of the impetuous kind, I also had to make my own 1-inch graph paper as all we had lying around was the A4 sheets of 20mm paper. So I crammed all of the pattern pieces onto the same 2 A4 sheets and today I plan to trace them onto my newly dyed denim fabric ->

Well what else are Father Earthly's old Levi's for? I can't wait to see the pieces cut out and even vaguely assembled... By the way I'd love to say I'd dyed the denim using nettles or something but in fact it's just olive green Dylon used sparingly. Sorry! And I plan to use the reverse side of the jeans as the colour and texture appeal to me more than the faded-dyed-worn-denim look of the front. The colour is a lovely pale sage which you can't quite make out from the pic. More to come!

Comments and suggestions? Feel free!

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