Thursday, 1 December 2011

Advent Goodies - for adults!

Oh yes, why should we be excluded from the ritual of advent? And why should we settle for anything less tasty than these Amaretto-soaked cranberry marzipan chocolates? Mmm-mmmmmmmmm.... I think I may stay in tonight ;)

Soak the cranberries in your favourite alcohol for at least a couple of hours, then drain and dry on a little kitchen paper.

Cut up your marzipan and roll into balls, then make an indent to squeeze your cranberry into.

Roll 'em up boys!

Dunk in chocolate, sprinkle with fairy dust (or freeze dried raspberry powder in this instance) and we're rockin' and rollin'...

These were the leftover cranberries, dunked in chocolate. Mmmmmmmmm mamma!

Happy Advent everyone!

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