Monday, 16 January 2012

Give an Earthly Boot Camp: Week 2

End of week 2 of my self-imposed boot camp and I'm realising why "resolutions" never work - because your psyche rebels!! Although I have been wanting to do these things for months now, part of me just still wants to snuggle up, hibernate and eat chocolate. All day long.

I'm being a little hard on myself. Actually I started off really really well. I got up early for my runs, before everyone else was awake and went out into the beautiful clear Cornish sea air as the sun came over the horizon. I cam home, feeling knackered but triumphant and had a nutritious smoothie and some fruit for breakfast. The rest of the day may have included some cooked food, but I managed to stick mainly to raw. 

And I've in fact been doing even more yoga than I promised, as I've been involved in some farm "fat club" nights! Last week I even led a class for the first time in my life, which was kind of fun :)

BUT...  I have definitely lost my resolve on the food front. Comfort eating at every opportunity - the other day a whole bar of chocolate in one sitting, and more dairy than I would even normally eat. Puddings and snacks and suppers have suddenly become necessary the last week, and biscuits abound. What on earth? The crazy thing is I want to eat raw and healthily, but something in me is rebelling - the bit of me that wants to curl up in bed with a good book and shut the rest of the world out.

Hmm. And I haven't made it onto week 2 of my running plan. Yet I was doing so well - by my 3rd day I already felt I could run for longer without wanting to give up. Incredible! But a string of sleepless nights and frosty mornings have put paid to my resolve.

I'm not sure how to continue. I don't want to yoyo, but I also don't want to give up. The way things are going I may well be the only one to have put on weight come weigh-in time this week!

Humph. I'm off to raid the cupboards...


  1. don't be hard on yourself... it's winter, the body naturally wants to hibernate and eat comfort food... Why don't you eat warming soups made from lovely fresh vegetables (I made chard, onion, garlic and ginger today - lush) and opt for brisk walks instead of runs on these freezing days? Come the summer your body will be naturally crying out for raw and the weather will be perfect for running shoes :-) xxx

  2. I really hear you, my valiant attempts at 100 % raw just didn't last. My antics with the honey and peanut butter jar of an evening and, ooh who fancies a hot chocolate? Now I mix and match, a green juice most days, cooked casseroles with salad..seems more sustainable for's a tricky one, especially with tinies and the more we worry and feel bad, the worse it can get!


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