Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I'm a Mummy: Get Me Out of Here!

Primal Scream Therapy?
I can see it now - a 'social experiment' filled with all the worst bits of mummyhood bared raw and live on TV. No doubt it's already been done, but this week I could rival any of the contestants, whatever their background and however much they wish they'd never had children.

Indeed this week has mainly been about opposites: beautiful tender moments of love-filled joy brimming over and gladdening my heart, making everything rosy...

And then,

Frustration, screaming, leadership battles, tantrums on all sides. And of all horrors to come true, boy Earthly has started swearing. Not that he knows it of course, and at first it was kind of funny. But now it's happening a bit more frequently and we have initiated a swear box for the first time ever (for us, not him!).

Oh the shame, of being a parent who has inadvertently taught their toddler to swear! Is that perhaps the greatest taboo of all?

Father Earthly is making a point of gently remonstrating the boy every time he uses something he shouldn't. And if we curb own own sometimes-too-free usage significantly, I very much hope this will be a short phase. 

I'm surprised girl Earthly hasn't already started too, she's so precocious and repeating pretty much any word we say. Now that would (almost) be funny - a 14 month old using strong language... hmmmm.

Let's just hope next week is better!


  1. Third time luck on leaving a comment - grrrr!!! F*cking iPad!!!!

    Anyway just wanted to say thanks for this blog, for keeping it real and balanced, I love coming back to it after a while and you're always so honest.

    Your compassion post obviously resonated so much and stayed with me as I wrote a v similar one last night on feetonthegroundandheadintheclouds.......

    Apron stringz blogpost 'on cussing' is worth a look, I love that woman! So many valid points about swearing, don't feel too bad....


  2. LOL, thank you for being so honest yourself! I want to be writing more, getting it all out and to be reading more of my fav blogs everyday, but right now we're in the thick of things and sadly this all comes last... but I hope to be back properly soon :)

    Thank you for staying with me and for your lovely words! I will go check out these posts ASAP.

    Haha, a friend just told me that when her little girl started doing the same she just looked at her quizzically saying "butter? What do you mean?"...


  3. God us too, I feel like such a bad parent. The swear box has really helped mostly I'm ashamed to say. But then I dropped a 19 litre bottle of spring water, full, on the kitchen floor the other night, I had to empty my purse. No really, things are much improved, since then...

  4. You know what, I am sometimes glad that we speak a foreign language... How glad was I when my son uttered this &^&*^( word at the gate of pre-school last week.
    You are not alone!


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