Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Guest Post: The Community Boating Community, by Peggy Melmoth

I'm really pleased to bring you this guest post from dear Peggy of Narrowboat Wife, on a new community boating project. Please show your support for this project by visiting her new website and sharing. Thanks Peggy :)

Peggy steering a small narrowboat

First I’d like to thank Zoë for allowing me to guest post here.

I just want to draw your attention to a new blog, which is about a different kind of boating: community boating.

The canals and waterways are the love of my life; I’m passionate about the idea that they should be accessible for all, regardless of ability or personal finances. So I've started working with the National Community Boating Association to publicise news from their members, based right across the UK.

The NCBA is a group of community boating organisations that want to bring boating to their local communities. So I suppose it is a community of communities!

I've started a new blog over at http://national-cba.com/ and I'd really appreciate it if you'd pop over and read my first post, which explains what we do. If you don't really know anything about community boating this blog will keep you updated with the variety of people that can now get access to the waterways.

All of us are part of our local community, and yet sometimes members of our community can feel isolated. Imagine if you lived right beside a canal all of your life but because of some disadvantage (perhaps financial or physical) you had never dreamed that you could actually go on a boat trip one day yourself.

Community boating organisations allow ordinary people to temporarily join the boating community and have an insight into an alternative way of living. To find out more about how we do this please visit the community boating blog.


Peggy Melmoth is a mother, freelance writer and blogger. She writes a personal blog at www.narrowboatwife.com

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