Monday, 28 February 2011

Tea Tree vs The Black Mould: Who Will Win?

Not the nicest of jobs today on board. A very far cry from the "good life" that many would think of when they learn you live on a boat which you are building yourself. The bald and distasteful truth is, I have spent the last 3 hours scrubbing black and blooming mould off the wooden lining panels in our bow, which were only installed a few months ago.

The area has been curtained off from our living space as we hadn't finished it, and we were storing (amongst other things) our remaining lining boards. Now all of those, too, are covered in a significant amount of mould and I'm worried that the spores are here to stay.

The problem has been that our only heat source as yet is our woodburner which is situated at the stern - so the bow gets little to no heat but lots of condensation. It's a real quandary. If we put in a gas heater it produces more condensation; we haven't got the electricity required to run a dehumidifier, and to put in another woodburning stove in the bow (though a nice idea as this will be our bedroom eventually) is well outwith our budget at the moment.

For now I've doused it all in tea tree oil and we'll have to keep an eye on it until the warmer weather ensues!

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