Tuesday, 30 August 2011

10 Things You Didn't Know About My Alter Ego

1930s Simple Glamour
In another life... I find myself thinking this more and more at the moment. I feel stuck, despondent, impatient, and thoroughly fed up. I'm tired of counting my blessings - I have many, yes, but right now they are not shining brightly enough for me. The world is grey and cold and I long for some of the erstwhile technicolor glory to come back to me... a sparkling Autumn day filled with orange leaves and clear blue skies; a bracing, windswept run along the coast, sandwiched between emerald, gold and slate; an inky, snow-swelled atmosphere embracing a cluster of silhouetted houses which twinkle out messages of their inner cosiness and joy.

In another life, I am a 1930s heroine who

  • Is always impeccably, yet effortlessly and simply, well dressed
  • Has gorgeous, long, glossy hair which can be easily put up into a range of styles
  • Sleeps in a large, comfortable bed with crisp, clean sheets and a soft, fluffy eiderdown - all of which is thoroughly aired daily (preferably in a strong mountain breeze)
  • Regularly "takes tea" with her lady friends and is much admired for her baking prowess
  • Secretly attends underground meetings of the intelligentsia and radicals
  • Drives an Austin Ruby or a Morgan
  • Despite my natural elegance, is known as a bit of a tomboy who likes to "muck in" with the boys and kids!
  • Has enough energy and vitality to undertake at least 90% of her tasks, projects and dreams with vigour and see them through
  • Lives modestly but well, travels extensively and as the mood takes, and can afford to be impetuous
  • Is a good, loyal and generous friend, hospitable to the nth degree and can be relied on for anything
So... anyone got a time machine?


  1. At least 3 of those points are true already. xxx

  2. Prize for guessing which 3 correctly?! xxx

  3. Oh, oh! Can I be her best friend?!

  4. Well I know the answer so I can't play. ;-) xxx


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