Tuesday, 2 August 2011

5 Things I Love About Breastfeeding

I may have said in previous posts (I can't remember) that I am not exactly a keen breastfeeder. I have certainly uttered the "h" word in relation to breastfeeding on more than one occasion - usually at 6am after a broken night's sleep and having spent the last 3 hours fighting for some bed space as well as some peace and quiet to close my own eyes and make some kind of job of replenishing my knackered body and empty milk ducts.

However, despite all this, I wouldn't have it any other way (well other than somehow sharing the task with hubby - I have it on good authority that partners can (and have been known to, somehow!) start producing milk for their offspring. How unbelievably and awesomely helpful would that be? 

In the meantime, here are 5 reasons why I love - yes love - breastfeeding:
1. I get a real kick out of knowing that I, and I alone (until solids are introduced) am responsible for my baby's growth and health. That is pretty darned awesome!
2. It's so easy! Oh yes, I've had my fair share of problems, from thrush to cracked and itchy nipples, and as already half-mentioned, I'm not so good at sharing my body and its personal space bubble every nano-second of the day. But if baby's hungry, anytime and anywhere, all I have to do is take my bra strap down and let her find a nipple: no sterilising, no bottles, no bags to carry lots of equipment when we go out, no having to decide which formula seems the best and healthiest choice, no warming necessary... I am ultimately lazy, and so for me, breast wins hands down!
3. I love the snuggling. Oh I know you can cuddle with a bottle too, but there's something so intimate and primal about baby nuzzling into your breast, her tiny mouth pouted and searching for the nipple - and finally, latching on and sucking contentedly away.
4. This is utterly vain, but it drops the post-pregnancy baby weight off fast! By 6 months post-birth for both my babies, I'd got back to my pre-pregnancy size and weight. If I hadn't breastfed I would have really struggled to shift that extra weight.
5. Father Earthly says "it's cheap"! Not free, because I have to eat more to keep up with the demand (including a lactating multivitamin), but certainly a lot cheaper than having to invest in bottles (though we did have some for expressing with boy Earthly - didn't bother this time round) and cartons of formula. Gotta love a bit of money-saving!
What do you love about breastfeeding?


  1. Love this list! The snuggling is my absolute favorite. It is so amazing, too, to think that not only did we grow our babies inside of us for 9 months, but now we are growing them on the outside as well :)

    Growing Up Geeky

  2. Found you through the Natural Parents Network blog hop!

    I love that you include being lazy! So much of my "natural parenting" choices include laziness as a reason. Sure, I could get her on a sleep schedule, but that would involve a lot of work! I could feed her formula, but that requires more work! Bah!

  3. Haha yes I hear you. I wouldn't like to say I'm all about laziness - I certainly put in a lot of hard work!! But I do try to "go with the flow" as much as possible rather than fight against things - and that in itself makes life easier!

  4. Thanks :) Absolutely. We were all ill the other week with a sick bug and I was terrified of the baby getting it but because of the miraculous powers of breastmilk, she was fine as a daisy. That is just brilliant isn't it?


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