Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Top 5 Places I've Breastfed

We've all done it - when you have a breastfed baby you often just have to "whip them out" regardless of time or place or propriety. Well, in no particular order, here are my top 5 :)
1. On a freezing cold market stall in November, with the trader behind me giving me pretty funny looks. Afterwards another (also male) trader "congratulated" me and told me not to take any notice of the guy with his eyes on stalks.
2. At the top of a hill in the snow, on a break from sledging, and standing up as it was too cold/wet to sit down anywhere!
3. Ahem, during. Well she needed fed! Interesting experience ;)
4. At a wedding reception with a table full of strangers (including one gawky teen) and in a dress that required me baring the whole of one side of my chest (underneath a wrap of course!).
5. During a 1-day pasta making course, whilst my class mates learned the art of creating funky and fabulous shapes withe the pasta dough. So I still can't make interesting pasta ...!
And you? Go on, I've shared!


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  1. Well that caused a huge blush! I had forgotten about number 3!

  2. Brilliant list! Let's see — on a sailboat tilted at a 45-degree angle feels like the most dangerous place I've breastfed. On a ferris wheel (enclosed). During a family photo shoot on the beach. I just did #3 the other day, which made me laugh, though at first I thought you meant on the toilet. :) (I've done that, too…)

  3. Haha yes I've done the toilet one too! I think we all have secretly. I love how when you first embark on breastfeeding you are told to make sure you're comfortable and have a drink and a snack beside you, well propped up with pillows etc, don't need the toilet... but when it comes to it you just do what you have to do to get through the day!!

    Ferris wheel is pretty awesome - hope baby wasn't sick!


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