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Guest Post: Every. Single. Day. By Hybrid Rasta Mama

I am utterly indebted to Jennifer at Hybrid Rasta Mama for this wonderful and timely guest post, at a time when the Earthly household is struggling to segue from day to day. Thank you Jen!
Remember to stop and smell the roses
My name is Jennifer and I am former government recruiter turned stay-at-home mama to a precious daughter (“Tiny”) brought earthside in early 2009. I am passionate about breastfeeding (especially extended breastfeeding), bed-sharing, co-sleeping, attachment parenting, cloth diapering, green living, babywearing, peaceful parenting, a Waldorf approach to education and parenting, playful parenting, getting children outside, as well as cooking and eating Real/Traditional Foods. Why call myself the Hybrid Rasta Mama? Easy - I see myself as a hybrid mama. I take a little of this and a little of that and blend it all together into something that works for me, Tiny, and my husband. As for the Rasta part of my moniker. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reggae music and the Rastafarian culture and way of life. Reggae music touches my soul more than any other music out there. The Rastafarian lifestyle is based on clean living and a devotion to expanding oneself in all areas of life. It’s something that I can embrace with ease.

Motherhood is an endless to-do list. The care and maintenance of your children, the care and maintenance of your home, the care and maintenance of your spouse/partner/whomever, and the care and maintenance of other family all add to a to-do list that seems to grow and grow and grow. So how do you prioritize your basic daily must-dos with all of those other should-dos, want-to-dos, and going-insane-because-you-really-NEED-to-dos?



A daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly rhythm. 

I think it is important for everyone to understand rhythm and how it can help you. So, I am going to send you over to my blog to read THIS POST which pretty much covers all you will need to know.

What I want to share here, is what I consider to be the MOST important things I do Every. Single. Day. These are the priorities on my to-do list. These are things I make sure I do because if I died tomorrow, I would carry guilt around with me for the rest of eternity for NOT having done them. I hope everyone reading this has the same sort of list. 
Shared Sleep
1. My daughter and I bed-share. The very first thing I do in the morning is give her a snuggle, kiss her, and say good morning my love.
2. If my husband has not left for work yet, I give him a big hug and kiss and tell him to be safe. (He is an electrician so anything can happen at any moment.) If he has already left, I call or text with a virtual hug and kiss and a reminder to be safe.
3. I call my mama every morning before 9:00am. This way she knows my daughter and I are alive and well and I know she is alive and well.
4. I sincerely thank anyone who has provided me with any help that day. Even the smallest of favors is HUGE for busy mamas. I thank people not so they will keep helping me but because I am genuinely grateful.
5. I let my daughter help me (as much as a toddler can) whenever she expresses an interest in doing so. I want to cultivate her natural desire to imitate me, no stifle it because I am in a hurry.
6. I remind myself to stop and smell the roses. 
7. I allow my daughter the opportunity to enjoy being a child. 
8. I find little ways to connect with my daughter throughout the day.
9. I forgive myself for any imperfections that reared their ugly head. 
10. I thank God every evening for all of his blessings and ask him to continue guiding me on my journey as well as watching over family, friends and loved ones. 
Hybrid Rasta Mama: A Natural Parenting, Healthy Living Blog

What is it that you do Every. Single. Day? What would you regret not doing if you did not get a tomorrow.


You can find Jennifer over on her blog, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. I hug and kiss my two precious angels every day. I revel in their completely different developing personalities. I laugh, dance, and play with them every day. I would regret not basking in their light if I had no tomorrow.


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