Thursday, 7 July 2011

Meditations on Love and Fear

Fear = Death
You might remember, way back in May, I wrote a post about "Mastering Love and Fear". That post was partly inspired by David Sye's upcoming workshop entitled "From the Mastery of Fear to the Mastery of Love".

I've now had the heightened pleasure of attending the workshop and would love to share with you a couple of meditations from the day. I hope these resonate with you just as much as they did with me, and I hope I can do them some justice...

These are both copyrighted in essence to David Sye, Yogabeats, though of course the words/interpretation are mine.

On Life and Death
Sit, or lie down, comfortably. Close your eyes. Bring your focus to your natural breath: in, out, in, out... just observe it and wonder how incredible it is. It flows, ceaselessly, no matter what, and without your conscious help. In, out...

Now breathe in normally and breathe out, all the way, till there's nothing left in your lungs. Hold your breath there and notice the vacuum. Hold it, hold it, keep holding it. And think of someone close to you who has died, or imagine someone dear to you dying - their life, their loves, what you miss about them. Keep holding your breath and keep thinking about their precious life, now gone. 

Now breath in, allowing the air to rush into your aching lungs. How good does that feel?

Fear vs Love
Imagine yourself in a big, beautiful room. In that room, however it manifests itself to you, is a large mirror. Go and walk in front of the mirror and look at yourself. Just how you are now: your clothes, your hair, your stance, your demeanour. How do you look?

Now travel onwards, one year into the future. In that year you have let fear take hold. In every part of your life, fear has been king. Look into the mirror. What do you see now? What does your hair look like, your skin, your eyes? How are you dressed? How do you hold yourself? What has changed in your life?

Now step away and travel 5 years into the future: 5 years of Fear. 5 years of living scared. Look into the mirror. What is there now? What has happened? Where have you gone? Where have you been? What have you lost? Who has gone from your life?

Come back to the present and see yourself anew, as you are now. Notice the details and feel thankful.

Now travel one year ahead again, but this time in the positive. Let love flood your life. What do you see in the mirror now? Look into your eyes, notice your clothes, your stance. How do you feel?

And onwards, 5 years... 5 years of Love. 5 years of living in sunshine and allowing Love to lead you. What do you see now? Who smiles back from the mirror? What has happened in your life these last 5 years? Who has entered? What opportunities have arisen? Where has life taken you? 

Now come back to the present. Which road will you take?

Namaste x

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  1. Onelittlebuffalogirl11 July 2011 at 16:26

    Beautiful, Zoe. thank you. Fear is such a waste of time, And energy. I have bouts of it, but push past it, because I have seen first hand how small and enclosed the life of a fearful person becomes. Not the path for me! Xxx


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