Sunday, 10 July 2011

Me Made June: Update!

SO meant to be in the circus, me...
Ok, so I have a confession, which you probably guessed by now. Me Made June, was, in short an epic failure on my part. <insert really unhappy face here>

Truth be told, June was a pretty horrendous month for us Earthlies. Girl Earthly has, in the last few weeks, turned into a small wailing monster, day and night, and refuses to sleep (day or night), resulting in - well, a bit of a mess all round really. So, all in all, it's a wonder I ever got dressed at all!

That, together with my sewing machine being finally laid to rest (after many hours spent flogging a dead horse) and, well, you get the picture! Bleurgh...

On the positive side (because there always is one, somewhere...), I have finally - wait for it - finished my corset!!! WOOP WOOP! I cannot believe I've managed it (with the help of MIL's and a friend's sewing machine) and what's more, I'm really pleased with it. It is absolutely FULL of horrors - the sewing for a start - and doesn't fit as well as it should, but considering all the odds, and this being my first real sewing project, I'm really rather chuffed!
Also, it has given me the confidence to do something I've longed to do for aaaaages, and that's to start making my own undies. Being an awkward size, it costs me about £30 per bra, and as much as I love to shop for them (especially now I can fit into styles I like again after being pregnant!), I just can't afford that kind of money right now. And yet I need bras... and matching pants would be nice too. So why not make my own? I have already sourced some online suppliers for bits n bobs, so watch this space :)

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  1. Onelittlebuffalogirl11 July 2011 at 16:19

    Amazing, mama! Wow! Making your own corset is a pretty fabulous thing :-) loving your style lady. Love from Mrs. motherfunkster x


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