Sunday, 15 May 2011

Don't Trash it, Refashion it!

This year I made a vow to myself not to buy clothes unless I felt they were essential. Instead, I wanted to try and make myself things as I needed or fancied them.

All very well, but I hadn't reckoned on having zero time or opportunity to make said items! And whilst lack of money has certainly prevented me from splurging much, I have had the odd relapse, though only ever an extremely bargainous (or essential, preferably both) one! In fact I think I've bought about 6 items of clothing this year so far, which truly isn't bad, particularly as three of those things were underwear - tights, socks, bra.

I have also been helped by two major factors. Firstly, I've been able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes again (bearing in mind I've spent 2-and-a-bit years being heavily pregnant or recovering/breastfeeding, I've been my normal size 10 for about 4 months of that!). Secondly I don't have much peer pressure being on maternity leave, so ordinarily I can sit around in my pyjamas or throw on whatever happens to be closest/clean/suits my mood, regardless of whether it is fashionable/responsible/fit to be seen in.

But we all like new things and I've had so many ideas for garments recently it's silly. Unfortunately two small babies and a partly-finished boat have confined the ideas to my head, some escaping onto paper but not much further. Well I'm determined that's all to change and even as I type I have a couple of projects under way, which I hope to share with you really soon...!

I'd love you to join me for some fun refashioning old, unloved garments (or other textiles) into new, funky, and totally wearable wearables :) From time to time I'll be posting tutorials and sew-alongs (or make-alongs!) so look out for those and send me your pics!

I would also LOVE to have your guests posts on things you've refashioned - just send me your ideas/posts to giveanearthly [at] gmail [dot] com.

Let the refashioning commence!

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