Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wild Garlic, Courgette & Lime Salad

I hate courgettes. There now, you didn't expect that, did you? Well it's true. In fact neither Father Earthly or I are very keen. But a couple of years ago my brother (of all people - an avid meat-eater!) made us a side salad out of raw grated courgette, and we loved it.

What we both normally dislike is not in fact the poor humble courgette itself but how it is usually cooked - in thick wedges until all squashy ('scuse the pun) and slimey. Eurrrgh. However we've also had it cooked beautifully, especially good on pizza as thin slices. This is how courgette does best - thinly sliced and either raw or minimally cooked. Stewed is an absolute no-no in my book (unless it's well hidden).

So with all this in mind, I wanted to create our own raw courgette salad. Walking through our local woods recently I was struck by the sheer bountiful volume of wild garlic which seems to have sprung up this year. Acres of the stuff! A veritable paradise of starry white parasols all nodding in the breezy Spring sunshine.

Well it just begged to be added to my salad. So here we go:

One large courgette, grated coursely or put through a spiralizer
Handful of pumpkin seeds
About 8-10 wild garlic flowers, nipped off the stem and papery leaves removed
Juice of 1/2 lime
Black pepper to season

Mix all the ingredients together and serve as a side to barbecued 'meats' (veggie or non, whatever your preference!), or any salad dish.

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