Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What We Planted Wednesday

I have obviously been visiting far too many national trust properties recently for I seem to have my heart hung up on the the perfect English idyll... a lovely walled garden filled with endless clumps of fluttery, buttery wildflowers and herbs, punctuated in an orderly kind of haphazard way with meandering pathlets which lead to secluded corners where greenwood benches and willow arbours nestle in the dappled sunlight...

Back in my real life, we have a bundle of coir pots, seedtrays and growbags scattered atop our boat, and that will have to suffice garden-wise for the forseeable future!

Rain glorious rain! The salad leaves have sucked up the moisture gladly and are chunking up nicely. I think some thinnings might be on the menu for a nice cheese salad and chutney sandwich for lunch :)

Rocket is... rocketing, basil is blooming, in fact everything is doing really well. We had a bit of a disaster with our tomato seedlings - or should I say seedling? I think the frost must've got 'em. Anyhoo I quickly replaced them with a tumbler plant from the garden centre, which promptly got "hurricaned" in the strong winds last week. Third time lucky, we have purchased another 3 tumbler plants and hope they will survive long enough to give us some nice fruits!

Carried away with our progress so far, we picked up some "heritage collection" squash seeds (squash! On a boat!!), parsnip and purple sprouting broccoli. I don't have high hopes for the broccoli but you never know!

Yum yum yum. I can't wait for my country garden to start producing :) How is yours coming along?

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  1. And if anybody's got a good recipe for taming the pepperiness of the rocket so I can actually feed some of it Mother Earthly, I'd be hugely grateful!


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