Monday, 30 May 2011

Nectar for a Goddess

So sorry for the quietness here this week. We are au famille this bank hol weekend and so kicking back and, well, not relaxing that much actually. It turns out family visits are still rather stressful but hey ho, and what better way to destress than with a lovely bath and a honey face mask?

Oh yes, honey is my new beauty miracle. Skin feeling tired, stressed, dry, sensitive? Slap some nectar on it! It will leave your skin feeling plumper, softer, soothed and all round a whole lot more like the goddess you are at heart.

I've tried several different potions - favourites below - or you can simply use it straight out of the jar! I use Equal Exchange Fairtrade Organic Set Honey which is lovely and creamy (and very tasty too) but any honey will do!

Nourishing Oaty Scrub
1 tsp honey
Few drops Evening Primrose Oil
1 tsp oats, ground up roughly
- Mix all together and slather on your face. Watch our for dropped bits on the carpet! Leave on for 10-15 mins then use a warm, damp and soft face cloth to remove. Moisturise as normal.

1 tsp honey
1/3 ripe banana
1 tbsp natural yoghurt
- Blitz all the ingredients together (or mash/mix very well) and slather on whilst a servant paints your toenails and feeds you grapes.

Don't forget your eyes! Cucumber slices, potato slices or good old tea bags are all excellent for rejuvenating tired baggy eyes!

Go, go, now, off to the bathroom and pamper yourself. NOW!

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