Monday, 2 May 2011

Into a Canopy of Trees

I'm so pleased. This weekend and a little bit of last bank hol weekend we have finally managed to shrug Winter from the boat and get quite a bit of spring cleaning done, but more importantly to get more of our lining boards up. Now, instead of gazing at walls lined with dustsheets, I can lie in bed in the morning and look out through our portholes to the sky (and trees) above. It reminds me of days in the van when we woke up in the forest - days which I sorely miss. 

The beauty of our portholes is that, because we're so low down in the boat, people can't really see in so easily and see you lounging around in bed breastfeeding and looking at the sky ;)

We've also almost - but almost - finished the first coat of exterior undercoat so the boat is now proudly and beautifully green rather than camo grey and green patches! Only another 6 coats to go...

Our visible progress is small and there is still tons to do everywhere, but after months of imposed boatbuilding inertia it feels like we've moved a mountain!

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